IEEE BIBM 2019 Workshops

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in Bioinformatics and Medical Informatics (MABM2019)Haiying Wang and Hui Wang
10th International Workshop on Biomedical and Health Informatics (BHI 2019)Illhoi Yoo
Biological ontologies and knowledge bases (BiOK)Jiajie Peng and Jin Chen
The 6th International Workshop on High Performance Computing on Bioinformatics (HPCB 2019)Che-Lun Hung
Data Analytics in Metagenomics (DAM2019)Haiying Wang, Rainer Roehe, and Paul Walsh
The 10th Integrative Data Analysis in Systems Biology (IDASB 2019)Zhongming Zhao, Huirui Zheng, and Rui Jiang
Quality Assurance and Enrichment of Biological and Biomedical Ontologies and TerminologiesAnkur Agrawal and Licong Cui
Data mining from genomic variants and its application to genome-wide analysis 2019Taesung Park
BigData Network in Biology and Medicine: Modeling Analysis and ChallengesPietro Hiram Guzzi
International Workshop on Biological Network Analysis and Integrative Graph-Based Approaches (IWBNA)Mingon Kang, Ananda Mondal, and Young-Rae Cho
Computational Methods for the Immune System Function (CMISF 2019)Francesco Pappalardo, Giulia Russo, and Marzio Pennisi
10th Workshop on High performance Bioinformatics and Biomedicine (HiBB)Mario Cannataro
Third Edition of Workshop Computer based processes and algorithms for biomedicine and life quality improvement (CBPBL)Pierangelo Veltri
International Workshop on Deep Learning in Bioinformatics, Biomedicine, and Healthcare Informatics (DLB2H 2019)Jung Hun Oh and Mingon Kang
Computational Aspects for Clinical Diagnostics and Decision Making in Healthcare using Biomedical Signal and ImageMahua Bhattacharya, Arpita Das, and Prasenjit Chanak
The 10th International Workshop on Information Technology for Chinese Medicine (ITCM2019)GuoZheng Li
The 2nd AIBH (Artificial Intelligence Techniques for BioMedicine and HealthCare)Ester Zumpano, Pierangelo Veltri, and Luciano Caroprese
Causal Analytics for Bioinformatics and Biomedicine (CABB)Sisi Ma and Erich Kummerfeld
2019 Workshop on Health Informatics and Data Science (HI-DS 2019)Xiong Liu
Artificial intelligence in pathologyChen Li, Lixia Yao, Ruifeng Guo, Guanjun Zhang, Hui Guo, Rui Jiang, Sumitra Thongprasert, Weiguo Zhu, Xiangrong Zhang, and Xuchao Zhang
Cutting-edge computational methods in multi-omics data integrationXingpeng Jiang
The International Workshop on Expository Representation Learning of Biomedical DataJuan Cui
IEEE BIBM2019 Workshop: Single cell -omics: challenges and opportunitiesSeungchan Kim, Anup Sood, and Harshil Dhruv
Applications of Machine Learning and Signal Processing in Biomedical Informatics and Computational GenomicsSheida Nabavi and Kayvan Najarian,
Workshop on Long Non-Coding RNAs: Mechanism, Function, and Computational Analysis (BIBM-LncRNA)Donald Adjeroh and Xiaobo Zhou
4th Workshop on Affective Computing in Biomedicine and Healthcare (ACBH 2019)Huiru (Jane) Zheng, Felix Engel, and Raymond Bond